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Jan 21, 2010 6:00am EST
is a question of whether we will raise taxes, cut a half million trillion from medicare, i think we can do it better. >> reporter: brown will be coming to washington today to meet with senate colleagues and the massachusetts delegation. >>> they show up to state dinners uninvited but the infamous party crashers don't want to answer questions. for more than an hour, the salahis used their fifth amendment rights on wednesday. they refused to answer questions from members of the house homeland security committee. a couple's lawyer says his clients did nothing wrong. they are still urn investigation by a federal grand jury. >>> ahead in sports the wizards go for the first three-gym winning streak in two seasons. >>> and a big mack matchup in the big easy. the highlights in four minutes. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. if nothing else, the law of averages suggests that every team should have a three-game win streak once in a while. even if it is a quirk in the schedule that gives you three easy opens back to back to back. mavericks last night, whom the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1